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The Fusion IONZ™ Sports Bracelet is a negative ion generating bracelet has been scientifically tested to emit over 2000 cc's of negative ions per second. This negative ion output makes our Sports bracelet the most potent silicone negative ion delivery system on the market. By taking the hologram off, we have allowed for more rigidity and amount of mineral mixture. The Fusion IONZ™ Sports Bracelet is ideal for active individuals or anyone looking for the best in negative ion support.





Size in Inches


Small - 6.9 in.

17.5 cm

Medium - 7.5 in.

19 cm

*The measurements below reflect the circumference of the wristband in inches and Centimeters



Size in Inches

Size in Centimeters

Medium/Large - 7.8 in.

19.5 cm

Large/X Large - 8.5 in.

21.5 cm


How to Choose Sizing

  • Measure around your wrist (1.5 inches above your hand).  


Alternative Ways to Wear the Band

Many smaller children like our products because of the colorful hologram.  Many have wrists that are too small for our smallest size.  In these cases,  the small band fits perfectly on their ankle and is 100% as effective. 

Wearing Guide

  • The band is intended to be worn constantly 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  • Wearing your band in the shower is perfectly fine.  Wearing your band in the shower actually boosts the TourmaMix technology (Tourmaline/Silicone mixture) that the band is made of.   The shower is the only place in your home that produces Negative Ions; this is why you feel energized after taking a shower.  When showering with the band on the Negative Ions produced by the water molecules bounce off the Tourmaline in the band producing more Negative Ions. 


  • Wearing your band in the pool is not recommended; the chlorine may damage the band as it damages your skin.   


  • Fusion 1.0 & Fusion PRO  Are not meant to be over stretched, this can weaken the band and cause it to break or come apart.   While we have a very small percentage of our bandz break or come apart, there are cases where the band snaps or the clear covering over the hologram comes off.  This occurs due to the high content of TourmaMix which is our proprietary mixture Tourmaline & Germanium (Negative Ion producing mineral) in our bandz.  As a result, if the band is over stretched, the clear cover can come undone or the band may snap apart. 
Fusion Power Bandz™have been developed with a proprietary mixture of Tourmaline, Germanium, Silicone and NOW Titanium called TourmaMix™.  


The Fusion development team uses a proprietary process to powder tourmaline, germanium and now Titanium and blend it with medical grade silicone.  This blend is then molded into the molds that become our bands.  Tourmaline is activated by body heat and Germanium and Titanium provide benefit by having skin contact.  

The band is embedded with a 100% Mylar® hologram.  Mylar® is a synthetic material with the unique property of energy/heat insulation.  In fact, all US Coast Guard survival/emergency blankets are made of mylar for this exact reason.  Having mylar constantly around the body helps it maintain the external energy which assists with strength, energy and balance.    
Black Tourmaline - Negative Ion Producer

Tourmaline has been studied for over 50 years and is the only mineral on earth scientifically proven to emit negative ions.  In fact, Tourmaline is so powerful it is an active ingredient in several FDA approved medical devices. Negative ions are negatively charged air molecules that are medically proven to provide substantial health benefits such as increased blood flow, balanced serotonin, increased energy and focus, better sleep and many other benefits. 


Titanium has been shown to increase oxygen flow in the human body.  Additional oxygen accelerates the positive effects of additional blood flow that Negative Ions create.  The additional blood will carry more oxygen due to the Titanium making it do its job better when flowing.  The benefits of titanium include: Increased White Blood cells, faster healing, anti inflammatory and increased transfer of nutrients through the blood. 

***The following tests were conducted by an outside medical firm to evaluate the benefits of Tourmaline produced negative ions on patients with various ailments. 

200% Increase in Circulation

 The researchers documented a 200% increase in circulation. 
Medically Documented Benefits of Negative Ions

       Blood Circulation                     Arthritis                         Sleep Disorders

       Metabolism/Fat Loss               Muscle Repair               Depression

       Body/Muscle Pain                    Mental Focus                Sexual Health

"Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy."

 - Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.


Negative ions are beneficial to human body in four major ways- "Economy Daily News"

-Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves

-Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related)

-Improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma 

-Strengthens the body's immune system


“Negative ions speed up oxidation of seratonin (5-hydroxtryptamine) in the blood. This is well known to have far reaching effects on mood, pain relief and sexual drive.”

- John Heinerman, Ph.D


Negative ion treatment has proven to be successful in reducing the overproduction of serotonin, and therefore successful in alleviating depression in some cases

 - Kreuger, 1957.-Peakpureair.com


The higher level of negative ion treatment proved to be as effective against SAD as antidepressants, such as Prozac and Zolof, and without the side effects of these drugs

 - Finley, 1996-Peakpureair.com


Negative ions improve asthma and other respiratory conditions

- Kroger Pharmacy

Negative ions may decrease the severity of depressive symptoms (including the reverse neurovegetative symptoms of hypersomnia, hyperphagia, and fatigability)  

 - The Good Drug Guide

Negative ion regeneration for youthfulness and longevity.

-John Heinerman, Ph.D


 Titanium has been shown to attract oxygen. When held against the skin in the form of a bracelet, it is believed to pull that oxygen into the area that is inflamed or is pain. The excess oxygen is relives the pain and inflammation. This is one reason why arthritics wear the bracelets on their affected wrists close to the joints that are inflamed because of the disease.


Human Compatibility

Unlike many other metals used in medicine, titanium is compatible with the human body in that is can be used without fear of rejection by the body. If an implant is rejected, medical problems arise, the least of which being infection. The implant must be removed and replaced at immense cost to the patient. Titanium parts overcome this obstacle and can remain inside the body for many years. Titanium bracelets can therefore be worn without causing the wearer infection, rashes or increased pain and swelling.

Acid Reflux

Because of all the health benefits of titanium bracelets, modern medical researchers are using them to treat internal disorders like reflux. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is working with the use of a titanium beaded bracelet to prevent acid reflux. The bracelet is wound around the lower part of the esophagus where the sphincter lies. It is tightened to hold the sphincter closed so that the stomach acid will not leak out and cause reflux.

Pain Relief

Titanium bracelets have gained popularity as a method of pain reduction in some cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. One theory suggests that when magnets are applied to an area, the nerves are stimulated, releasing the body's own natural pain killers. Another theory states that magnets stimulate blood flow and increase ionic exchange, bringing healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients to the area



Titanium has been studied to function as a local anesthetic as well as a healing compound. The usage of negatively charged magnets in direct contact with an injured area may heighten the body's instinct to begin the healing process. The healing process involves the localizing and disposing of by-products of an injury.


Immune System Boost

Titanium has been studied to play a role in increasing white blood cells. White blood cells defend the body against infectious diseases and foreign materials, and flush toxins out of the affected areas, promoting a healthier immune system. 



Titanium has been shown to give humans more energy.  Magnetic therapy is thought to increase oxygen flow within the human body. Oxygen flow plays an important part in the metabolism of energy, or the usage of the body's energy sources and the respiration of carbon dioxide, the waste product of cellular respiration. When more oxygen is available for usage by muscles and tissues on a cellular level, this may leave you feeling more energetic.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Titanium has been studied to serve an anti-inflammatory function. This is due to the restoration of the normal electromagnetic balance in the body. A normal electromagnetic balance relaxes capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscles and connective tissues, allowing for the proper blood flow. Proper blood flow promotes the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the injured site, leading to a decrease in pain and inflammatory agents.